Minutes 2013 04 08

Participants: All execs except Cara


– Bengali New year

– Compilation of Volunteer list


  • The committee decided to cap the total attendee to 50 people. 30 member, 20 non member. The ticket sell: Thu April 11 (Hamid and Maryam), Wed April 17 GHasem.
  • We decided to send a call for volunteer for 5 people.
  • Maryam was in charge of buying drinks, salad, paper cups.
  • Ali was in charge of buying fruits.
  • Hamid was in charge of booking sound system.
  • Pictures will be taken by Ali.
  • Ali will send the reminder of the event.
  • Sabrina was in charge of ordering food and buying dessert.
  • Sabrina was in charge of compiling the total volunteer list of 2012-2013 year.