Minutes May 22, 2013


  • Coffeemaker area
  • Move furniture
  • Voting system
  • Picture charts
  • Paypal Account
  • ECEGSA Facebook page
  • GSS subscription
  • Meeting minutes emails
  • Events for the year
    • Networking night
    • Academic workshops
Meeting called to order at 10:45
  • Coffeemaker will be secured at the corner where the old TV resides
  • Moved furniture for space
  • Amin volunteered to look into free voting systems or an equivalent alternative
  • By majority vote it was decided that the paypal account will no longer be active. Since none of the executives pay for utilities, the paypal account could not be transferred from the older executives to us.
  • Gain access to the ECEGSA Facebook page
  • Subscribe to GSS emails to be aware of GSS events.
  • It was decided that the meeting minutes will be emailed to all the executives after every meeting.
  • By majority vote it was decided that we will no longer be hosting a networking event. Instead, we will do a cooperative event with IEEE/ICICS, etc. We have to do more research and establish contacts.
  • It was decided that all academic workshops from previous year will again be conducted. Some events to consider are lunch + learns, programming workshop, etc. Nishant is super excited about the academic workshops.
Meeting adjourned at 11:30