Minutes May 23, 2013


  • Events for the year
    • BBQs
    • Sports events
    • Outdoor activities
    • Other events
Meeting called to order at 10:45
  • We plan to do 3-4 BBQ events over the year.
  • Sports events to consider for this year are soccer, volleyball, badminton, ultimate frisbee, bowling, futsal (indoor soccer), ping pong, snowshoe, ice skating, longboat, sun run, kayaking etc. We also plan to sponsor a tournament. Nishant and Amin are super excited about this.
  • Some outdoor activities we plan to do this year are hiking, camping, beach day (picnic), etc. Someone needs to ask Caitlin about the camping gear. We also need to do some research on camping gear and trip cost.
  • Some other events to consider this year are Halloween party, movie night, game night, etc.
Meeting adjourned at 11:30