Budget Meeting Minutes July 2, 2014

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – Budget Meeting with Department

Location: Kaiser 5500

Time: 12:00pm-12:30pm

Attendance: Dr. Ivanov, Darla La Pierre, Ahmed, Tanzil, Michelle, Felix


Budget presentation and questions:

– consider combining orientation with Imagine day – wait and talk to Colleen more about this

– the department want the ECEGSA to involved in orientation, but not in charge

– the ECEGSA can still get funding for food for orientation

– Persian New Year is one of the more expensive events, mostly due to high attendance for this popular event


Questions from the depratment to consider:

– How can we encourage students to attend off-campus events? (maybe food, better comunication, better timing)

– How can we encourage the importance of balanced lifestyle/

– How can we encorporate any possible updates to the ECE grad program into out Networking Night? (maybe getting industry and investors involved with the event)


Budget is approved.


Next priority is orientation:

– think about how we can improve it and ask other students what they think

– want to have it more motivational than just informative – more about why we are here

– want to encourage a sense of pride in being here at UBC

– consider adding more information about funding and/or program guidance and requirements