Minutes November 12, 2014

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – November 12, 2014

Location: Kaiser 4036

Time: 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Tanzil, Michelle, Felix, Shreya (came late)

Regrets: None


Meeting minutes from lat meeting: Approved



  • reviewed summary from Tanzil, looks like we are in good shape


Networking Night

  • moving time to 6-9 pm
  • would like to have it so that companies can register online – ask GSS how they set those kinds of things up (through PayPal)
  • hope to have sponsorship package sent out tomorrow after dept. meeting
  • name: still looking for something good, send out sponsorship package as-is and change name later if we think of something good
  • plan to get a structure for the volunteer committee together before Christmas
  • announcement around January to students
  • Michelle to write up draft email to send to professors in case they want to invite companies
  • should invite Mitacs as well


Position Vacancies

  • just plan to fill the VP Academic position for now
  • email out so find out what interest there is and proceed from there


Christmas Party

  • December 3
  • Michelle and Shreya to discuss
  • take a look at decorations we have already



  • 1 men’s futsal, 1 co-rec volleyball
  • $5 per person, we’ll provide whatever is needed for jerseys
  • not much interest for women in futsal, so probably make a men’s team instead of co-rec
  • also plan to to gladiator event in Feb
  • don’t forget to take pictures at the sports events!


Afternoon Social

  • Michelle will get stuff this weekend, there is still lots in the budget for this


Movie Night

  • discussed some movie ides but no decision yet
  • likely will be during exams


Sun Run Money

  • will try to get contact info from the department and put a deadline on reimbursement


Next Meeting

  • Monday, Nov 17, 12pm-2pm