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Minutes May 12, 2013

Agenda Audit meeting Coffee Social Dropbox to Google Drive Old TV Arranging the grad lounge Webmaster ECE Open research day Input from new execs Next meeting and future meeting time New ping pong balls New lemonade and iced tea pitches Meeting called to order at 10:35 Discussed our role in the audit meeting Individual roles […]

Minutes May 22, 2013

Agenda: Coffeemaker area Move furniture Voting system Picture charts Paypal Account ECEGSA Facebook page GSS subscription Meeting minutes emails Events for the year Networking night Academic workshops Meeting called to order at 10:45 Coffeemaker will be secured at the corner where the old TV resides Moved furniture for space Amin volunteered to look into free […]

Minutes May 23, 2013

Agenda: Events for the year BBQs Sports events Outdoor activities Other events Meeting called to order at 10:45 We plan to do 3-4 BBQ events over the year. Sports events to consider for this year are soccer, volleyball, badminton, ultimate frisbee, bowling, futsal (indoor soccer), ping pong, snowshoe, ice skating, longboat, sun run, kayaking etc. […]

Minutes May 28, 2013

Agenda Hike this weekend List of events ECEGSA website and Facebook page Survey Budget Meeting called to order at 10:30 Hiking this weekend somewhere close on Saturday or Sunday. We need to research a place and arrange transportation. Nishant and Yeifei are going to be coordinating this Julie prepared the list of events for the […]

Minutes June 04, 2013

Agenda Hike report Sports events Budget Event Report Survey Saquib’s event ideas New meeting time Meeting called to order at 1:00PM Nishant gave last weekend’s hiking report Amin is going to look into organizing sports events The budget was revisited and we have an updated final budget Yifei is going to look into the survey results From […]

Minutes June 19, 2013

Agenda Budget meeting results ECEGSA survey results Sports update Faculty/Industry related events Bike co-op Annual general meeting Upcoming events Industry sub-meeting Misc. issues Meeting called to order at 11:00AM Budget proposal accepted by the dept. Survey results were discussed Amin gave the sports update Discussions about Faculty/industry related events  Ways to promote bike co-op discussed Annual […]

Minutes June 26, 2013

Agenda Coffee cartridges Volleyball net Sports Futsal BBQ Costco AGM Bike co-op Beach day Hike Bowling Industry visitor workshop Meeting called to order at 11:12AM We are not going to buy coffee cartridges Find the volleyball net Amin is going to co-ordinate soccer and volleyball Nishant is going to form a futsal team to play […]

Minutes July 04, 2013

Agenda AGM Bike co-op Hiking Bowling BBQ Report Beach Day Sports Meeting called to order at 11:18AM Nandinee is going to prepare budget slides for the AGM. Yifei is going to crate survey slides. We need everything done by next Tuesday. AGM will be on July 11 in the afternoon. Nishant is going to meet […]

Minutes Aug 14, 2013

Agenda Orientation Workshops BBQ Meeting called to order at 11:10AM Nishant is in-charge for ordering pizza Yifei is in-charge for organizing and finding the volunteers for the workshops Amin is in-charge for the septemeber BBQ Meeting adjourned at 11:40PM

Minutes Aug 21, 2013

Agenda Orientation BBQ Workshops Career night New Volleyball Meeting called to order at 11:20AM Nishant has ordered 20 pizzas for the orientation BBQ dates might change. For now its Friday of first school week Yifei is working on planning the workshops Saquib is in-charge for the career event Amin is going to order a new […]