Minutes January 16, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – January 16, 2015

Location: Kaiser 4018

Time: 4:00 pm -6:00 pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Tanzil (left early), Shreya, Arvind, Michelle (came late), Felix (came late)

Regrets: None


Last 3 week’s meeting minutes: Approved, tentatively


Permanent meeting time

  • 6 pm Mondays
  • Shreya to book a room



  • Financial: around Jan 27, exact date TBD
  • Latex: February 4
  • Linux or Motion Metrics talk (one or the other): second week of February


Ping Pong

  • last week of February?
  • Arvind to write up registration email with single/double preference


Chinese New Year

  • second week of February – 13th?
  • Felix to make a plan



  • probably next weekend
  • maybe snow tubing instead
  • Shreya to research plan and decide this weekend
  • Shreya to write draft email to inform students (to go out early next week)


Think! Engineering email (amended to include more detail on January 20, 2015)

  • we were asked to forward email about event to students by IEEE student chapter

Points of discussion:

  • sharing the email is not our obligation to the IEEE student branch, but would be a favour to help their promotions
  • important to share info with students if it will help them (networking opportunities, etc)
  • concerns raised about students confusing this event with our own networking event if we send them an email about it
  • believe that most grad students will hear about the Think! Engineering event through other means anyway
  • discussed reciprocation from IEEE student branch – would they do the same for us? would we expect them to or just appreciate the favour of they felt it was appropriate to send the email?
  • students attending the Think! Engineering event could affect the attendance of our event, either negatively or positively – it is difficult to know
  • beneficial for our students if the ECEGSA event is successful (including good student attendance, which is important to keep good reputation among companies and keep them coming back to future ECEGSA networking events)
  • consider replying to IEEE to let them know our decision either way
  • replying may make a conflict where there need not be one, so may be best not to reply


  • postpone decision, do nothing for now


Pay Pal alternative for networking night

  • Square up
  • Tanzil to look into
  • make sure it is transferable to future GSA exec members


Sun Run 2015

  • Tanzil to find out how it was done last year
  • Michelle to email department to find out what we need to do
  • other option is UBC Rec training (includes race registration) – $100


Felix’s Afternoon Social duties

  • he will figure out a plan and let us know



  • all is good for volleyball and futsal


Networking Night

  • Shreya is following up on Cadex and NZ Technologies
  • Michelle to ask Pulse Energy
  • will do follow-ups by phone
  • Michelle to organize a plan for follow ups