Minutes January 26, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – January 26, 2015

Location: Kaiser 5505

Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Tanzil, Shreya, Arvind, Michelle

Regrets: Felix


Previous meeting minutes: correct spelling in Philippe Kruchten, otherwise ok



– have more drivers now

– send out email tomorrow morning

– add email addresses and number of people they can drive to sign up form

– snowshoes need to be picked up the night before – Ahmed can pick up and drop off in lounge or bring in the morning

– would be good to include more detail on the schedule

– first come first serve, make it clear in the email

– will need a membership for MEC – can get when snowshoes are picked up

– people can pay and fill waivers on Thursday

– include only ece, with exceptions as necessary (e.g., extra drivers)

– drivers get reimbursed for gas – according to mileage from a map (let them know what it will be ahead of time), but they still have to provide a gas receipt (won’t necessarily get full reimbursement)


Chinese New Year:

– see summary document for details

– look into liquor licence – contact GSS to find out what we need to do

– possibility they can order the alcohol for us something

– people can have tasters, but not full drinks

– look into training for serving alcohol

– contact Tobias about booking, etc

– need to decide open for all or open for ece only (and cost for tickets)

– budget we have only $800 (flexible plus minus 100 to 200), reduce door prizes to around $50

– consider holding here instead of GSS since financially it’s the same

– last year no listing of numbers from event, but it was free

– have some decorations from last year



– struggling with attendance on futsal

– volleyball is in good shape

– Angelica would likely be a captain for gladiator

– contact Darla about t shirts – Ahmed


Financial workshop

– send an email to remind – Michelle to write, Ahmed to send tomorrow

– order pizza – 10 pizzas, 6 pops (3 veggie, 2 pesto cheese, 3 chicken, 2 pepperoni) plates and napkins


Latex workshop

– 20 people so far

– online tool we can use for people to practice


Networking night

company updates:

– EA, has been passed on internally

– BC hydro, wants to register online – Michelle to contact tonight with payment details, say we prefer the cheque

– MDA, shows interest, still thinking

– Aspect Biosystems – at least one representative will come

– Pulse, Cadex, NZ technologies – still waiting

– Faronics (66 on list) – send email again to updated contact

– Phone calls – working on it, mixed response

– Philippe Kruchten may be able to help with getting companies (through capstone projects)

– call companies again this week: another 5 companies each

– also add names to list as much as possible

– try to talk to companies in CS career fair

– CS career fair – put which companies you will contact on the google thread


– Mazana Armstrong – Michelle to send email, Felix to follow up maybe, keep Felix in the loop

– still waiting on Philippe and maybe ask Guy

– Martin Ordonez may also be an option

Volunteer work

– email to go out to students that have replied and to everyone (later in the week)

– meeting – next Monday at 4 pm

– Shreya to book a room, email to go out tomorrow

– can have overlap in duties if we want to

– timbits or cookies (Tanzil will buy) – include in email? – no so as not to have people just for food


– start selling tickets: Feb 12

– sell number of tickets based on company ratio – set a fixed number of students – 1:5

– sell companies at cheaper rate? – no for now

– try to encourage profs to come? – academic ticket – $20? – check for previous what has been done

– 10 days for tickets, posters, etc, to be printed from Feb 2 meeting

– Michelle to update facebook and website – start prepping this week

– prices for tickets not chosen – non ECE allowed and invited, but not sure if price will be different

– library workshop on networking, could do our own from career services – Arvind to look into

– Ahmed to make a timeline

– Ahmed to look into dept sponsorship

– tickets should be nice (cardstock)

– specs for sponsorship materials – Michelle to formalize via email

– PowerPoint slide

– length means duration – give option to have multiple slides

– bronze, silver, gold platinum have 10, 20, 20, and 30 seconds and up to 1, 2, 2, 3 slides, respectively

– poster dimensions – up to a3 or a2? – maybe bigger is better – leave undecided for now


Sun run

– Michelle to reply to Adrian

– invite staff as well

– early bird deadline is soon – not too worry for now

– would be nice to have someone (an exec) in charge


Family day

– no meeting

– maybe meet later in the week instead