Minutes February 2, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – February 2, 2015

Location: MCLD 418

Time: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Attendance: Michelle, Shreya, Arvind, Felix, Ahmed, Tanzil

Regrets: Felix


Previous meeting minutes: Approved



– went well, no snow but otherwise good


Chinese New Year

– no updates, except that there will be no alcohol


Ping pong

– 23 singles, 9 doubles registered

– could drop the doubles – yes, we will do this

– best of 3 matches

– structure: knock to 12, knock to 6, 2 pool round robin, finals (total of 27 matches, approx 6 hrs)

– need new rackets and balls, Arvind can buy as long as price is reasonable

– Arvind will be the ref

– lots more people this year want to participate, so we need more time (spread over two days or one very long day of games – possibly on the weekend)

– genders will be mixed

– weekend: better for people being free for a long time

– weekday: better because people are on campus already

– do initial matches during the day, finals in evening?

– split into two separate tournaments?

– set schedule ahead of time, get people to add comments if they can’t make it?

– can post docs play? – no because no space, Michelle to email

– from the people that registered, some will take it very seriously, others won’t

– Plan: 12 to 6 pm on a weekday, make the times, send out, adjust as needed to accomodate schedules

– Arvind can get a fill in referee as needed

– Arvind to take care of email


Networking Night


– tickets and posters, name tags

– apsc, motion metrics, ece logos on tickets and posters

– two kinds of posters: one for event promotion, one for sponsors, or could put them together

– print company tickets? – probably don’t need

Ticket Sales/Registration:

– selling tickets: check student id or ece id? – no, too complicated

– approx 25 people from industry so far, can have 75 – 125 people for 1:3 to 1:5 ratio

– top sponsors are depts, so maybe less

– give extra tickets to companies? – undecided

– square up – forward emails to Tanzil

– allow online registration? – no for now, maybe later

– start selling: Feb 10 goal, 12 at latest

– keeping track of names – fill in google sheet as you go

– Arvind will take care of facebook

– sell tickets in kaiser atrium, grad lounge, etc

Company Updates

– NZ technologies – bronze sponsor

– some positive response from career fair

– capstone companies: working on getting connections


– get Felix to follow up on Mazana Armstrong, if not then try Zahra

– Philippe Kruchten – most likely in

– Guy Lemieux – no, can’t do

– Leo Stocco – a senior instructor, another possibility, Ahmed to check with Andre


– Michelle to email to get people


Sun Run

– Adrian can organize but not train, still working to get someone for training

– Ahmed to talk to Darla about funding

– last year they said had it in their budget (got more money from the department because of lots of staff updates), but we aren’t sure about that

– use money from last year? – ask department

– don’t assign an exec member for now


Latex workshop

– all is set

– put this (and other events) on calendar

– tomorrow send email reminder

– get projector from the store room, make sure it’s set up ahead of time

– no food because it’s in the computer lab

– no plan for Linux workshop, don’t do

– “How to network” workshop – could be the week before the networking night

– academic talks or professional development?


T shirts

– not ordered yet

– Tara said send email again – Felix to do


Next meeting

– 6 pm Wednesday