Minutes May 25, 2015

Meeting Minutes

May 25th, 2015


Yanan, Sujay, Anup



Anup Aprem



  • Old Business
    • See May 11 doc.
  • New Business

Old Business

  • We did not have a meeting on 18th as it was a holiday.


New Business

This was a short meeting to discuss the initial proposed budget.

  • Budget Issue
    • We are underfunded for Persian New Year, AGM, Victoria Trip. We may have to cut down on some of these.
    • Sujay suggested we get away with New Years altogether and have some sort of Asian Food Party to compensate for this. Yannan and Anup expressed concerns given the large population of chinese and persian students. Also, students may expect us to do these events. We will have a final decision on these next meeting.
  • Summer BBQ: Tentatively we decided to conduct this on June 8.
  • Need to decide on the survey to be sent out from GSA.

Next Meeting

June 1, 2015