Minutes June 1, 2015

Meeting Minutes

June 1, 2015


Yanan, Sujay, Anup, Arvind, Cyrus



Anup Aprem



  • Old Business
    • See May 25 doc.
  • New Business

Old Business

  • We did not have a meeting on 18th as it was a holiday.


New Business

  • Meeting with Andrea on June 4 at 11.00 am.
  • Sujay confirmed payment of Persian New year.
  • SunRun: Sujay confirmed reimbursement for 14 people. Ask the remaining person to collect money. We decided not to wire the money.
  • Arvind confirmed that the design for certificate is ready. Need to print it out.
  • Sujay confirmed that the square account has been activated.
  • GSS councillor: Not sure about when the position starts. Arvind to clarify by emailing GSS.
  • Sujay to renew the Costco membership.
  • Room booking after the election results on June 11.
  • Arvind to reach out to Ahmed regarding nominations.
  • Hiking in end of July.
  • BBQ either on June 10 or June 16 (June 17)
    • Need to decide the date on June 3 meeting.
    • Need to check the permissions.
    • Fire safety.
    • Send out email by June 4.
    • Proposed a 2$ for the summer BBQ and September BBQ will be free.
    • Need to send out a call for volunteers.
  • Need to buy TT racquets.
  • Cable: Initiated by Michelle, followed up by Yannan. Currently need to decide on the way forward regarding the set top box. We plan to talk to Andera during the June 4 meeting.
  • Survey Qns: Decide in the next meeting.
  • Yannan to go over the previous time line.
  • Cyrus to check up on movie nights and come up with an estimate.

The remainder of the meeting was spent on discussing the various new years activities. Some people in the council wanted  to do away with the celebrations focused on ethnicities and rather do events that bring together a large number of students. However, many people felt it was radical and we can start with something small, like combining some of the events with smaller participation into a bigger event. Also many people felt that celebrations with religious connotation need to be removed from the GSA agenda. There is a significant lack of information and the GSA cannot make an effective decision without feedback from students which, hopefully, the survey will fill. Since this is a sensitive issue, we need to think over and take a correct decision.

Next Meeting

June 3, 2015