4 th May, 2012

Attendees: All execs, Darla, Dr. Ivavnov
Agenda: To propose the budget to Dept. Head Dept. Ivanov and get approval.
• Dr. Ivanov asked to give ½ min introduction of each one of the new execs
• Dr. Ivanov asked each one of the execs about their election platform and all the execs explained
• Ali explained about the details of our budget plan.
• The execs pointed out the new events and the improvisation of existing events in the budget
• Dr. Ivanov appreciated the idea of Industrial networking in biweekly basis very much
• Ali explained about the revenues planned in the budget
• Dr. Ivanov approved the proposed budget.
• Darla proposed that the ECEGSA can also look for NSERC funding.
• Dr. Ivanov proposed that the ECEGSA could come up about some effective way of getting
feedback from students not only about the ECEGSA but also about the department.
• Dr. Ivanov asked what the Execs feel about the current structure of ECEGSA committee, whether
is it good enough to carry out the workload of the committee. The execs proposed that in future
we could increase the number of people in the committee, e.g., more than one VP social
services, introducing a coordinator post etc.