Meeting May 2, 2012

ECEGSA Meeting
May 2, 2012
Attendees: All execs
Agenda: To plan our budget
• Ali , Cara, and Ghasem notified their unavailability in the upcoming weeks
o Ali away : May 6th to June 5th

o Cara away : May 13th to June 16th

o Ghasem away: Mid Sept. to end Oct.
• Ali said, he will email Adam about fixing a tentative audit date.
• Cara will get info for Melody whether she will be interested in VP Social Services position.
• In case of no response Ali will approach Hamid.
Event proposals for planning the Budget:
o Bike Co-op – Proposed by Ghasem, Approved by all
o Plan of action:
o Buy Second hand Bike: $100
o Buy Lock: $20
o Coffee social:
o Ali proposed to breakdown the cost of coffee social
o Per week:
 lemonade: $5
 Teabags: $3
 Coffee: $10
 Whitener/sweetener: $2
o Ali proposed to raise the cost of coffee social to $300. Approved by all.
o AGM:
o All execs agreed to have in early June. After Ali comes back.
o Estimated cost of pizza and pop in the event: $ 225
o Breakdown:
 Estimated attendees: 50
 Per person: $4
 Napkins, cutleries: $25
o BBQs:
o Two events
o Estimated cost: $1400
o Estimated attendees: 300 (combining two events)
o Each has two burgers costing $3 each. o Off-campus events:
o Added Kayaking to the existing events
o Curling
o Multiple hiking
o Bowling
o Snowshoeing
o Sightseeing (Capilano, Whistler)
o Ali proposed to subsidize some events
 Estimated costs $500
o Orientation:
o Two sessions
 Estimated attendees- 80+20=100
 Refreshment: Pizza and Pop: $4 per person
o Sports:
o Renting fields (e.g., soccer field)
o Buying equipment (Pingpong balls and bats, badminton etc)
o Total estimated cost: $125
o Movie nights and Games night:
o Popcorns and pizza: estimated attendees: 20, $4 per person
o Music night:
o Agreed unanimously
 Want to encourage more people
 Want to invest more
o Estimated attendees : 50
o Per person food cost: $4
o Christmas Party:
o Estimated Attendees: 110
o Per person cost: $ 7
o Chinese New year party:
o Estimated Attendees: 70
o Per person cost: $7
o Persian New year:
o Estimated Attendees: 120 (ECE 50, Non ECE 70)
o Per person cost: $8
o Estimated Ticket price: ECE $5; Non ECE $10
o Workshop:
o Ghasem proposed to get IEEE certificate for the person presenting in the Workshop and
all the execs agreed.
o Tentative workshops:
 Latex (2)
 MATLAB (2)  Library
 C/C++ (2)
o Estimated cost per workshop: $30
o Operations and supplies
o Estimate budget: $100
o Propane for BBQ
o Gas
o Car rentals
o Probably some new tables: $100
o Networking night
o Estimated budget to be acquired from department: $1000
o Industry meet up:
o 26 sessions (Biweekly)
o Estimated total cost: $400
o Lunch and learn
o Estimated cost $0
o Coffee with profs
o Estimated cost $0
o Newsletter
o Estimated cost $0
Total estimated expense: $7455
Total estimated revenue: $1660
Balance: $5795