Minutes 2012 05 01

Participants: Adam, John, Rubaiya, Amy, Sima, Ali, Cara, Sabrina, Ghashem. Agenda: – Present summary of the organizational duties and financial policy to the new execs

  • Adam welcomed the new execs. The outgoing and incoming execs introduced themselves to others.
  • Adam discussed the financial policy to others. He said this policy was modified and restructured couple of years ago, and the organisation ran actively and smoothly over the last two years under this financial policy. Adam mentioned that last year the coffee social event was hold every week without any interruption except during the Christmas break.
  • Adam showed the new execs how to log in and edit the ECEGSA website. Cara asked Adam if we upload the photos in the website. Adam showed her few uploaded photos of the past events, and also the procedure of uploading.
  • Ali said, all the incoming execs should make it sure that they have read and understood the financial policy so that they can ensure transparency during their task. Adam said that Ali, Cara, John and himself should go and talk to Darla about the budget. Adam said, for transferring the signing authority in the bank the outgoing and incoming treasurers, secretaries and presidents have to go to the bank together.
  • Adam told the incoming execs what stuffs the ECEGSA owns. He mentioned that we own the couches, ping pong table, white board, coffee table, coffee machine, chairs in the lounge, and the BBQ machine along with the propane tanks kept on 5th floor. He mentioned that the BBQ machine is pretty big in size, so the new execs to keep in mind to rent big vehicle while moving this machine. He told the new execs should have access to the store room in the grad lounge by this time.
  • Adam handed over the lock-box key to Ali. John said he will hand over his keys to Cara the next day.
  • Adam discussed briefly about the departmental contacts that the execs can approach if needed. He said to build up a good connection between the faculties and the ECEGSA, it may be a good idea to attend the departmental faculty meeting.
  • Adam asked if the outgoing execs would like to say few words or concerns to the incoming execs. Sima said, sometimes the students or volunteers come up with great ideas. So she suggested that it is always good to be in touch with the students. Ali said, if people comes up with ideas the execs should put effort to make it happen.
  • Ali asked how to find volunteers for events. Adam replied, the google doc list, survey, etc. can be used. He showed the google doc list of volunteers to others. He said the new execs can email the listed volunteers, add more interested people in this list, or also can email all the students offering voluntary opportunities. He suggested having one or more volunteer coordinator when the event is too big, for example like networking night event. Ali asked Adam which of the events need more volunteers. Adam said, these events are networking night, Persian new year, Chinese new year, BBQ, orientation and workshops.
  • Ali asked if there is any document of orientation. Ali showed him the presentation of last year’s orientation. Adam reminded about the room booking task for workshops. Ali asked about the Linux volunteers last year. Adam showed others the last years Linux presentation, and mentioned the name of the presenter.
  • Ali made a concluding speech by thanking outgoing and incoming executive members