Minutes 2011 05 16

Participants: All execs.

Meeting agenda: Planning for budget for the upcoming year, annual general meeting, networking night, and Survey of faculty member.

  • A survey will be done among the faculty members and staffs of ECE to know about their interest for getting involved at the ECEGSA events and. Adam said he will send survey form to faculty and staff body.
  • Annual General Meeting: Will be held on May 31, 2011. Adam agreed to make the booking of the venue for AGM. The agenda are as the following:
    • Presenting the amended ECEGSA Financial Policy
    • Presenting the finance report of 2010-2011.
    • Presenting the budget for 2011-2012.
    • Answering questions and listening to the concerns from the student body

Free pizza will be served

  • Annual events and budget for 2011-2012 were planned based on last year’s budget and changes were done according to the response of the students obtained through the student survey.
    • AGM: Budget is kept same as the previous year for this part.
    • Lounge upgrade: We decided to buy new remote for the TV, and couple of tables and chairs. The older round tables will be replaced with rectangular ones to save space. There was not enough interest from the students to buy a new piano or ping pong table as we received their opinion from the survey. We will need to spend less on this part than the last year.
    • Orientation: Two welcome sessions will be held at fall. Budget is increased for this part compared to last year.
    • Seminars and workshops: Around 7-10 seminars and workshops will be held all throughout the year. Budget is increased for this part.
    • Field trip to companies: We can collaborate with other student organisations to arrange trips to different companies.
    • Off campus trips/socials: The survey says that students would like to have more social events and outdoor trips. So we planned increase the number of socials and put more budgets on it. We also decided to make some of events free which had small fee last year. Budget is increased for this part.
    • BBQ events: We planned for two BBQ events. One for summer in campus which will have nominal fee, and the other during the next fall, as the Welcome Back BBQ which will be at off campus beach and free for students. Budget is increased for this part.
    • Sports: There will be soccer and ping pong tournaments.
    • Movie night: We planned for free movie nights for the next year.
    • Games night: Not kept in budget since not enough interest was shown by students.
    • Networking night: As this is one of the biggest events, we decided to plan for it before Adam leaves for his wedding vacation. Some of us will visit the venue for the event by early June. The event will be held early of November, 2011.
    • Christmas party: Will be held early of Dec, 2011.
    • Chinese new year party: Will be held on Feb, 2012, at GSC.
    • Persian new year party: Will be held on March, 2012. Venue not decided yet.
    • Volunteer appreciation party: A party will be arranged each semester in appreciation of the volunteers who volunteered significantly during the ECEGSA events over the semester. ECE department agreed to sponsor these events.
    • Weekly coffee social: Will be held every Thursday afternoon, unless notified. Budget is increased for this part.
  • We preapproved the cost for AGM ($200) and coffee ($40) for the weekly coffee social.