Minutes 2011 06 02


  • Matthew Pan, secretary, MEGA
  • Graeham Douglas, president, BMEGA
  • James Boak, industry, BMEGA
  • Mark Spear, president, CSGSA
  • All execs of ECEGSA
  • We discussed about the venue of Networking Night event. Adam said that, last year Marriott hotel was used for this purpose, which seemed to be small for the number of people present. Adam informed the execs from MEGA, BMEGA and CSGSA about the venue we chose for this year’s event, Century Plaza. The quote of Century Plaza was provided to them. The date has been fixed for Nov 2, 2011 (Wednesday). The number of possible participants is 170-200 for the networking night event this year. The sponsorship comes from NSERC ($4000) and Dept. ($1000), so we are able to make the deposition. It was agreed that the profit or loss from this event will be shared by the participant departments.

Adam said, this time we will plan for three levels of sponsorship: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The sponsors would be able to pay the money via the Paypal account of ECEGSA. We will encourage the participation of one technical and one HR person from each company. James proposed to run a slide show of the company posters during the event. Execs from other departments left by 6pm.

  • We discussed about the file cabinet kept at the store room, we will get the key from Darla.
  • Adam said he went to Costco to have a look at the table/chairs that we need for lounge. He found 6ft long tables at $40, and chairs at $13. We planned to buy them in July.
  • We discussed about the mentorship program. Adam said he will send the survey form though email by next week.
  • John agreed to buy the remote for lounge TV, and $30 was preapproved for this.
  • We planned for the events in summer, we agreed to arrange a hiking event during Jun, and a BBQ during July. Sima and Rubaiya agreed to take the charge of these two events.
  • We discussed whether we can arrange some event to use the leftover money from DOF. The proposed events were dance party, and musical night. Since the Koerner’s pub is closed, we discussed about whether we can bring alcohol from outside. Sima said she will check with the GSS policy to be confirmed about this option.
  • Adam asked who among us would like to be the contact person for the networking night event. Amy agreed for this.