Minutes 2011 06 07

Participants: Adam, Rubaiya, Amy, Sima.

  • We changed our plan about first hike. We agreed to do it on July. For June we proposed and discussed several possible events.
  • We discussed about BBQ, movie night and bowling as the next probable event. We asked Adam about the arrangement procedure for these events.
  • For BBQ, Adam said, we will need to borrow BBQ, buy food and carry them in van, and need help of 2 or more volunteers. BBQ event seemed to require more time and people to arrange, so we decided to arrange it later when Adam comes back from his vacation.
  • For movie night, Adam said we need to check the audio cable and book Kaiser 2030 ahead of time. For choosing the movie we should provide some option to the student and get votes by doodle poll. We can provide light snacks and drinks for students on this event.
  • For bowling, we discussed about making reservation, and providing pizza and drink for students. Sima said she will ask Zahra to know the detail about the WIE bowling event.
  • Adam said, after we get an estimation of cost we will go for the preapproval.
  • Adam asked about how we would like to distribute the event responsibility among us. Assuming bowling , hiking, BBQ, and dance party as summer events, the execs agreed to take charge as the following:
    • Bowling: Sima, Rubaiya
    • First hiking: Amy, Rubaiya
    • BBQ: Amy, Adam
    • Dance party: Sima, Adam.