Minutes 2011 07 06

Participants: All execs.

  • Adam updated us about the furniture for the lounge. He told us about some tables at Costco at reasonable price. About the cabinet key, Adam said he will remind Darla again.
  • Adam suggested keeping the website updated with the event details. Sima and Rubaiya agreed to include the July hike and June movie night events in the upcoming and past event lists respectively.
  • Adam informed us about a beach volleyball net that is owned by ECEGSA. It is kept at the store. We discussed about how students can borrow this net from us. Sima agreed to send an email to the students regarding this.
  • Adam informed others that few more volunteers had been added in the volunteer list for the mentorship program. We decided to ask for volunteers for orientation and welcome back BBQ.
  • We had a discussion about the workshops. Last year there were workshops on Latex, library, etc.
  • We discussed about the orientation welcome session. Adam informed others about the activities done by ECEGSA during this session. He said, usually students are introduced to the departmental Head, administration and student services manager, ECEGSA execs, etc. ECEGSA arranges a presentation, building tour, pizza lunch for the students.
  • Adam told us, he will be away during 10-15 September.
  • Adam told us, last year ECEGSA held a pub social event and had a good gathering. So he suggested we can plan for this event this year too.
  • We had a discussion on the July 9 hike. $320 was preapproved for this hiking event which includes rental and gas cost of 3 cars and 1 minivan, snacks and drinks. $220 was already collected from ticket sale. Sima said that she will send an email to the students who signed up for the hike. The email will include detail about from where and when we will start, when we will come back, and what to bring with for the hike.
  • We talked about the dance party as our next event. The tentative date for it was July 29. There may be a dance lesson session for the participants which will be instructed by a professional instructor. Sima informed us she already contacted a salsa instructor. We decided to reserve the ballroom for this dance party. If the ballroom is unavailable then we can go for the Thea Lounge. We may ask the students to volunteer as bartenders. Total cost for this event is assumed $500 ($300 for the room, $200 for the instructor and snacks).
  • About networking night, Adam informed us, the current deadline for the sponsors is mid-September. So, we should initiate sending emails to the companies now. Sima asked whether it is okay to start emailing in early September. Adam said, it’s okay if she has personal connection with those companies, otherwise it’s better to start early.
  • We discussed about the other events in this summer. The tentative date of Summer BBQ was decided on 2nd or 3rd August, and date of the second hike on late August. For BBQ, we planned to keep a budget of $300. $500 preapproval will be needed, then we will earn a revenue of $200 approximately.