Minutes 2011 07 19

Participants: Adam, Amy, Sima, Rubaiya.

Agenda: Salsa party planning

  • Adam informed us that Umesh holds the serving it right certificate and he agreed to attend the upcoming Salsa party. Adam and Sima will be attending the next House of Finance meeting and Adam already provided all the necessary documents to the VP finance, GSS.
  • Sima told us that the dance instructor has been emailed confirming the final date of the salsa party. The instructor has not asked for any advance payment, and Sima will ask him about when to pay him.
  • About the music for the salsa party Adam agreed to bring some music, and Sima also agreed to bring some Persian music.
  • For volunteering as bartenders, Adam said that he will send out a survey form. We discussed about the questions to be included in the form. The deadline will be set on early next week.
  • We decided that for the volunteers the entry ticket will be free, but not the liquor. Anyone willing to drink alcohol has to buy it. Chips, nuts, and pretzels may be served as snacks.
  • We estimated about number of people attending will be around 50. Assuming 2.5 serving per person, 125 serving of liquor may be allowed at best.
  • Adam and John agreed to pick up the food, Rubaiya agreed to design the ticket, and Sima agreed to design the poster. Amy told she can help to hang the posters in walls.
  • We decided for the maximum number of tickets for sale would be 80.
  • We preapproved a float of $340. Since John was not present that moment, Adam said he will send others later the probable event cost via email.
  • Adam said he will email other departments inviting at the Salsa party. Sima suggested that we can start with MEGA, CS, and Earth and Ocean.
  • Hours for selling tickets were decided as the following:
    • July 21, Thursday, during coffee social: by Adam
    • July 26, Tuesday, 12-1pm: by Amy
    • July28, Thursday, during coffee social: by Sima