Minutes 2011 08 18

Participants: All execs.

  • Agenda:
    • Discussing the current asset we have
    • Discussing the last Salsa party and BBQ event
    • Planning the orientation events.
  • Adam said that John and he have talked to Darla. She suggested keeping all the stuffs purchased in an inventory.
  • Sima described about the Salsa party held on July 29. She said 25 people participated at this event and seemed to enjoy it. There was a session for learning Salsa by the instructor, and later they played different western and Persian music. The party ended up at 11 pm. Most of the liquors from the party were unused. John returned the leftover alcohols. There are also a good amount of non-alcoholic drinks left over which we decided to use during orientation events.
  • We discussed the BBQ event held last week. We sold almost all the patties. We went out of tomato slices, but the cheese, lettuce and other stuffs were okay. The total cost was around $396, sold tickets of around $207, so the loss was minimal.
  • We discussed the orientation events. Adam said there will be a bunch of one-hour events, including 3 welcome sessions, presentation, building tour, pizza lunch, workshops, etc. Adam mentioned that he already checked with the GSS orientation schedule so that we do not have any conflict or overlap with their events, and he booked 6 timeslots in the undergrad computer rooms for running the workshops. He also suggested including a pub social event in the orientation event list, as meeting in a pub and spending few hours during dinner may help new students to socialize with each other. Sima suggested that another hiking event may be helpful for new students for knowing each other and socialize. After discussion we decided the following event schedule:
    • Sept 2- Welcome Session 1
    • Sept 6- Welcome Session 2
    • Sept 7- Welcome Session 3
    • Sept 9- Pub social: 6 pm, venue to be decided
    • Sept 16- Library workshop: 1 pm, MCLD 358
    • Sept 17- Welcome back BBQ: Jericho beach, 11am-4pm, Adam agreed to book a place in beach for this event. We didn’t decide from where to rent the BBQ.
    • Sept 19- Latex workshop: 5 pm, MCLD 358
    • Sept 21- Linux workshop: 5 pm, venue to be decided
    • Last week of Sept: Volunteer thank you party