Minutes 2011 09 26

Participants: All execs.


– Financial overview – Orientation de-brief – Poster board maintenance role – Special afternoon social next week – Longboat event – Music night – Networking night – Christmas party – Chinese New Year

  • John provided a summary of the current financial state to others. He said we already spent around $1900 and we still have $4241.5 left. Sima asked John how much is left for the off-campus trips, to check the feasibility to arrange a bowling event. John said $330 is left out of which around $106 will be spent for longboat event.
  • We had a discussion on the orientation events held throughout the September. We agreed overall the events were successful. The workshops were attended by a good number of people. On the BBQ event though the weather was good, the crowd was not huge as we expected. The leftover patties were stored in the freezer of some volunteers.
  • Adam said the department has given the execs the authority to remove over-dated posters from the poster boards. The execs are supposed to maintain all the poster boards in Kaiser building, and in exchange they will be rewarded with pizza.
  • We discussed about the next coffee social which will be a special one. Andre will attend this social.
  • John said last week there was a training session for longboat competition. The participants will get T-shirts from the department.
  • Sima told us about 12 people already expressed their interest to perform for the music night event. About serving food and drinks, Adam proposed to serve them during a break rather than during performance. The music night will be held at faculty lounge, so Sima said she will ask Darla whether we can use the coffee machine in that lounge. $50 were approved for music night.
  • Adam said he talked to Panos about the sponsorship for the networking night. Panos confirmed that ICICS will sponsor this event as it did last year. Adam and Amy told us that we got eight sponsors in total, out of which two are silver sponsors, and three bronze sponsors. Our plan is to combine with CSGSA and MEGA.

The deadline for ticket sale is Sept 30, but Adam said we need to push it to Oct 7. The volunteers have to buy ticket first but they will be reimbursed later. Adam informed us that there will be a career fair at SUB on Oct 5-6, and some of us should go there with the networking night poster to promote this event.

  • Adam said, we need someone with serving it right certification to serve alcohol during the Christmas party to be held on Dec7.
  • Adam asked John and Amy to suggest an appropriate date for the Chinese new year party. Amy said the new year is on Jan 22, so we should choose a date around that time. Adam said since we will use the DOF fund for this event, probably we will use the Thea lounge as the venue.