Minutes 2011 11 01

Participants: All execs, Dana, Ron, Parisa, Caitlin, Toufiq, Nguyet, Mark.

Agenda: – Volunteer preparation for Networking Night event.

  • Everyone in the meeting got themselves introduced to others.
  • Adam asked all the volunteers to check the volunteer schedule he sent via email. He said he will be the primary contact for all to bring up any concern or question. Tuccy and Anthony will be the people on behalf of the hotel to make sure if everything is in place from the hotel. Amy, Mark and Adam himself will supervise others’ roll. Mark will be the volunteer coordinator. All the volunteers should arrive at the venue by 5 pm. They should inform Mark after reaching and before leaving the venue. Amy’s main role will be to answer any question from the company representatives.
  • About the dress code, Adam said, it should be business casual. Suit is good, no jeans should be worn.
  • Amy asked about how to make the people coming know that where we are. Rubaiya and Amy suggested some printed papers as a sign of the event.
  • Ron asked about the registration procedure, Adam replied that. Adam said, Anna will drive a minivan and come at the lounge at 3:45 pm. Adam and two other volunteers will take the stuffs from lounge and go with her to the hotel. Parisa asked about the minivan parking. Adam said, the van will be parked at the hotel parkade.
  • Adam gave a brief idea about the general set-up stuffs and attendee list. Adam asked Rubaiya and Toufiq to make sure that the attendees get all the registration stuffs. The welcome kit includes 1 pen, 1 drink ticket, 1 flash drive, etc. We will have a bunch of ECE pens and mugs as the door prizes. Everyone should get only one drink ticket. Some of the attendees’ name has been misspelled, so some blank name tags are kept for that purpose. Anna will be in charge of sponsor setup. Caitlin will shake the box containing the door prizes. Adam showed others three posters which have to be placed at the podium, registration table, and inside the room.
  • Adam said there will be 36 industry people. Amy informed Adam that the NSERC representative has said that she will not be available for the event.
  • Dana reminded Adam that we should ask the attendees to return their tags to the recycle bin.
  • We decided to finish the event by 9 pm, and bring back the stuffs from the hotel by van.
  • Sima asked who is going to take the photos of the event. Toufiq agreed to do this task.