Minutes 2011 11 18

Participants: All execs.


– Networking Night follow-up – Poster update – Christmas party on Dec 5 – Afternoon social – Chinese New Year – Other December-February activities

  • We discussed about the last event networking night. We agreed the event was done successfully. As the volunteers of this event are to be reimbursed their ticket money, we decided to do it during the following coffee social. Adam said he will email the volunteers about it.
  • We decided that the volunteer appreciation party will be held during early January.
  • Adam asked John about the current financial status. John said, we still have $3080 left to use for next events. During the networking night event, we received $ 3800 from the sponsors and the revenue from the ticket sale was $1130. We had to spend ~$4840.
  • Adam said, he has talked to Darla about the hoodies for the poster duty. We chose the size and color for us.
  • The date for the Christmas party has been changed to Dec 5. We planned to start at 5pm. For the food, we chose pizza, samosa, candies, chips, and some veggie trays. We decided, this year no alcohol will be served , but there will be free soft drinks and water. We estimated for 120 people. Rubaiya agreed to talk to ‘All India Sweets’ to order 300 samosas, and also ask the store if they can deliver it on the event day. John agreed to talk to AMS catering to check if we can get any cheaper deal.
  • We decided that we will continue the afternoon social till Dec 22 this year, and resume next year January.
  • For the Chinese new year party, Sima agreed to check the availability of GSS ballroom on Jan 19th. John proposed whether we can combine this event with Chinese grad student association.