Minutes 2012 01 13

Participants: All execs. Agenda: – Chinese new year party – Volunteer thank you party – Persian new year party – Housekeeping items

  • Adam said there is a temporary problem in website. Access is denied if we try to open any document. The problem will be resolved soon.
  • Adam asked Sima about the current stock of coffee, sugar, lemonade etc. Sima said there is enough yet, so we need not buy any of them now.
  • About the Chinese new year party, Sima mentioned there is a time conflict with another party arranged by CSSA, so maybe we will not get a good crowd. She asked if it is possible to change our event date. John said he already made the deposit for Thea lounge booking. After discussion we decided not to change the date due to time constraint.
  • For food and beverage in the Chinese new year party, Adam said last year we took delivery from a Chinese store at village. Amy asked what the budget is this time for food. Adam said $400. John agreed to take care of the food delivery. For decoration Adam mentioned we have some decoration stuffs bought last year. Amy said she checked the stuffs already, and she thinks those are enough. John said he might add some more decoration pieces. Adam suggested using paint tape to attach the stuffs to wall so that we can keep the wall clean after their removal.
  • For Persian new year party, Sima asked John whether we can apply for the DOF fund. She suggested since Persian food is comparatively expensive, we may sell tickets at $5 per person and provide dinner. Adam asked her if she has thought about the event date. She said she will check with the schedule by GSS and then decide accordingly.
  • For volunteer thank you party, Adam proposed some date in the fourth week of January. He said he will send an email with doodle poll to decide the date. As for venue he asked others for suggestion. After discussion we decided for Earl’s.
  • We discussed if we can have any off campus event in February. Adam proposed curling. He said as curling is expensive we may sell tickets at $10 if we provide food.
  • Adam said our executive committee handover will be at the end of April, so we will have the election by mid-April at latest. Nomination should be done by mid-March.