Minutes 2012 02 13

Participants: All execs.

Agenda: – Persian new year party and other upcoming events – Election timeline finalize – Preapproval for coffee purchase

  • We had a follow-up discussion of Chinese new year party and curling. We agreed that we got a good crowd in the former event, and people enjoyed the food served. The curling event also went well. It was attended by 15 people.
  • Sima printed some photos of the past events of ECEGSA during last two years, and she showed those to others. We discussed on how to arrange these photos at the lounge. We approved $15 for buying accessories for this purpose.
  • For the coffee social, Adam said we need to buy some lemonade, coffee-mate, tea, etc. and he asked for a preapproval of $60 for this purpose. We all approved it.
  • Adam asked Sima how she is planning for the Persian new year. Sima said, for dinner we will order for 3 or more kinds of foods, and people can choose one among those. Besides there will be nuts, sweets and flowers on each table. She said, we need to rent cutlery for this event. Sima also proposed some traditional dance performance for a short time during the event. She said, people will have to buy tickets beforehand, and the price would be $7 for ECE students, and $12 for outsiders. We chose 3 sessions for ticket selling- March 8, during coffee social time, and March 9 and 12, lunch time. Adam proposed $250 float for ticket selling. We approved.
  • For other event in this term, Adam said as one of the possible events, we can arrange another BBQ, since we have our own BBQ grills now. He said, in that case we can sell each burger for $2. We also discussed arranging a bowling event. Adam said perhaps we can arrange both the BBQ and bowling event. Sima said, due to time constraint we may not be able to arrange two events, and if one is chosen she would go for BBQ since we already had curling event this year. The event was not finalized. We agreed to arrange both if we have time to run these events.
  • Adam said, for the election the nomination will be open on March 15, and closed by April 2. Election should be done in between April 18-20, and the handover should be done by May 1.