Minutes 2012 04 14

Participants: All execs.

Agenda: – Debrief of Persian New Year party – Election setup (rules and voting details) – Bowling plan – BBQ? – ECE brand on stuff – Outgoing strategies for exec handover

  • We had a follow-up discussion of Persian New Year party. We agreed that it was a very successful event. Adam asked Sima if she had any concern or suggestion for this event. Sima suggested that the event organiser and the ticket seller should be different persons, so that the ticket selling person does not have the authority to increase the number of tickets upon the students’ request. Rubaiya said, during the event declaration we can mention the limit of ticket numbers each student can buy. Adam proposed we can set that limit to 3 for each person.
  • Adam said, we got people running for election at all positions except the position VP social services. Amy suggested that after the election is over, we can ask the candidates who ran for election but couldn’t win any position to consider running for the vacant position. Adam discussed the constitutional rules and regulations for election. We decided to ask people not to do campaigning close to the election room on the election day. We all agreed that Adam should act as the Chief Election Officer for this election. Adam told others the rules of ballot counting. He suggested two days (April 18 and 19) for voting time, two hours on each day. After discussion we distributed the duty among ourselves as below:
    • April 18, Wednesday: 12-1 pm: Rubaiya, 1-2 pm: Sima
    • April 19, Thursday: 12-1 pm: Amy, 1-2pm: Adam
  • Adam asked John about the finances. John said we are waiting for the DOF from the GSS. He said, last year we started with $1000 whereas we now have around $1000 leftover excluding the networking night profit. Sima suggested that we can leave around $1600 at the end of this exec-year, and can use the rest of the money for more free events. We all agreed to have the next BBQ event free for the students.
  • As for bowling, Rubaiya said she had paid the deposit money $50 to the Varsity Ridge Bowling for room reservation on April 17. So we need to pay the rest $250 to them on the event day. Since the event will start at 6:30 pm, we decided to get the pizza delivery at 7pm from Uncle Fatih’s pizza (Veg:meat=50:50). We agreed to sell the tickets at a price of $5 for the ECE students and $10 non-ECE people. The ticket selling time was decided to be on the following time:
    • April 11, Wednesday: 1-2 pm, by Rubaiya
    • April 12, Thursday: 4-5 pm, during coffee social, by Amy
    • April 13, Friday: 1-2pm, by Adam
  • For the BBQ event, we decided a tentative date on April 24, 12-2 pm. Sima said, we should have more volunteers for the cleanup session this time.
  • Adam proposed $600 ($200 float) for bowling, and $400 for BBQ. We all approved.
  • For ECE branded stuffs Adam asked for our suggestion. Amy suggested key chain with ECE logo