Minutes 2012 08 24

Participants: Ali, Sabrina, Cara, Ghasem, Maryam


– Orientation BBQ

– Workshops

– Industry night

– Bike Co-op


  • Cara provided the order sheet from the caterer of AMS for the BBQ event, the committee agreed to order for approximately 80 people.
  • The committee decided to hold the BBQ at Jericho beach
  • Ghasem mentioned that he will contact about how to get hold of the BBQ machine and propane tank.
  • Ghasem mentioned that he will be in charge for ordering the Pizza for orientation session.
  • Ali mentioned that the Department agreed to buy the $1500 sponsorship package.
  • Cara mentioned that she will modify the networking night event invitation poster to include the texts about research projects and gold + sponsorship package
  • For Bike Co-op, the committee decided to include the clause that ECEGSA will reserve the right to charge the person money if they do not return the bike and also do not submit the RCMP report.
  • Sabrina mentioned that she will draft an e-mail about the events of the orientation season.
  • Ali mentioned that he will draft an e-mail for the logo competition