Minutes 2012 08 31

Participants: Ali, Sabrina, Cara, Ghasem, Maryam Hamid


– Summary of the ECE booth experience in GSS orientation

– Workshops

– Industry night


  • Hamid and Maryam shared their experience of standing in ECE booth in GSS orientation and shared the following information they gathered from the event: UBC Radio broadcasts events advertisement for free for student clubs and we can take advantage of that.
  • Hamid shared the feedback he got from the meeting with the previous VP social, Sima. He mentioned that last years venue of Networking night did not receive good reviews.
  • The committee voted on whether should we delay in the Networking Night event to get more time for organizing the event and also for looking up new venue. The committee unanimously agreed to delay the event tentatively to Nov 20/21.
  • Ali mentioned that he will communicate with Dr. Ivanov and NSERC regarding the change of date.
  • Each member undertook the task of finding two possible venues on that date and then committee will agree on a single one from that shortlisted venues.
  • Ghasem said he will send out a doodle poll for the workshops that need PCs.
  • The committee decided to use digital signage for advertising ECEGSA events.
  • Ali gave a summary of his and Sabrina’s meeting with MITACS, he said that they are reluctant to sponsor. Hamid asked that whether we could ask their help for contacting companies for networking night.