Minutes February 16, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – February 16, 2015

Location: MCLD 422

Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Attendance: Michelle, Ahmed, Shreya, Arvind, Felix

Regrets: Tanzil


Previous meeting minutes: Approved (Feb 2 and Feb 11)


Sun Run

  • email has been sent
  • still looking for another trainer
  • maybe get Adrian to look after registration, but first ask Tanzil how he wants to proceed


Ping Pong

  • this Wednesday, people who have been registered have been emailed
  • 4 people can’t make it, not looking to fill in spots (registration is closed)
  • still working on getting paddles and balls – Arvind to do
  • what about no shows? – they just forfeit
  • check snacks in the lounge for expiry dates – get pop and granola bars to supplement what we already have
  • prizes: visa card, amounts to be decided after paddles purchased, only 1st & 2nd places
  • there were also certificates for the winners in previous years – Arvind to make
  • email all students about ping pong tourney (to watch), but no more registrations allowed
  • spectators can have snacks too, but we won’t include that in the email
  • make board for real time results? – Arvind will figure something out


Chinese New Year

  • Felix to get in touch with volunteers
  • Felix to take care of food order today
  • prizes have been purchased
  • sell tickets at the door? – only if registered
  • Arvind will be there early to help with setup
  • Felix to let volunteers know what needs to be done
  • execs can help beforehand if needed, but only if Felix needs us
  • cut off limit of numbers? no, don’t really need to
  • Arvind to check out venue
  • Felix to do a presentation on Chinese Spirits
  • Event plan: food, presentation, games, door prizes, end
  • still no word on GSS funding
  • Michelle passed $56 for 16 tickets to Ahmed


Persian New Year

  • Shreya is working on booking – has submitted, haven’t heard back
  • currently booked for Monday, but is a different day better? – not sure yet


Networking Night

  • tickets and posters
    • tickets have been printed
    • Shreya to cut and hand off to Tanzil tomorrow
    • posters to be printed A3, glossy paper, same as Think! Engineering
    • how many posters, what is the budget? – print up to 100 for now, but not more than we have budget for – ask Tanzil about budget limit
    • big poster for Kaiser sales? – wait for now, see if we can sell in Kaiser first (Tanzil to check)
  • ticket sales
    • limit on number of tickets? 80 for now, might release more later
    • can other people come? can it be free? no for now, maybe later
  • advertising
    • Arvind to work on FB page
    • Cyrus can help with website if needed
    • maybe make a stop motion video – can contact Cyrus, Olivia, etc if needed
    • thought about flash mod, might be hard to execute though
  • sponsor payments
    • still waiting on all but Motion Metrics and Fortinet
    • not worried about departments paying – they will eventually
  • participation from industry
    • following various leads from companies
    • pushing for attendees, not sponsors
    • need to try harder
  • logo wall
    • Felix has talked to Cyrus, they are working on it
    • want to make sure we have enough time to print
  • venue
    • Ahmed is going to pay and confirm setup this week
    • check into stand for posters
    • check on parking details
    • check music
    • check tables/booths
    • signature wall mounting device?
    • AV is totally separate – check what we already have, need projector screen, projector (have downstairs), microphones for panelists and speakers (one downstairs), sound is needed for the videos but not for the slideshow


Afternoon Social

  • cancelled for this week
  • Michelle to ask Ali about moving treats to another time


Store Room

  • need to clean sometime


Next Meeting

  • Friday 6pm