Minutes February 11, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – February 11, 2015

Location: Kaiser 3065

Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Attendance: Michelle, Felix, Arvind, Ahmed, Tanzil, Shreya (came late)

Regrets: None


Previous meeting minutes: postponed to next week


Chinese New Year

  • postpone for Thursday, February 19 (or Friday February 20 if necessary) to allow more time to promote event
  • Venue: options are GSS Ballroom, Thea’s Lounge, Penthouse – preference is Thea’s
  • Funding from GSS: likely will get reimbursed after the event, not sure if we will also get funding for Persian New Year party, but it’s ok if we don’t so go ahead and apply now as well as for Persion New Year later (so we don’t miss out on getting funding now at least)
  • email to go out to students as soon as booking venue is confirmed
  • have decorations, as well as USBs and shirts for prizes
  • other prizes can be Kindle or envelopes with small gift cards inside – Felix will decide and let us know
  • getting food from 5 Tastes (same as last year) but better/more dishes, may also buy Chinese cookies or something (can spend up to about $10 per person, but don’t spend more than necessary)
  • price will be $5 for non-ECE students, $2 for ECE students
  • tickets will be sold Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday around lunch time, depending on when the booking is confirmed and email goes out
  • will ask for volunteers in the event email – first ones to volunteer will get free supper
  • include in email to contact Arvind or Felix with any questions


Latex Workshop

  • forgot to get giftcard for presenter – should be $15 Starbucks card, make sure to get signed paper saying it was received
  • only 6 of 29 that RSVP’ed showed up
  • can send slides out to students


Ping Pong

  • date will be Wednesday, February 18 (during reading week) from 12 pm to 5 pm
  • email to go out to those that have registered to let them know date and check if there are any issues with it
  • prizes will be $100 for first $50
  • other budget (total of $400) will go to new paddles and balls, plus snacks (pop and granola bars) if there is money left


Persian New Year

  • venue should be booked as soon as possible – GSS Ballroom?


Sun Run

  • Darla said to do the same as last year
  • Adrian will coordinate but not do training, has a friend who might be able to do some training but not all
  • some students were emailing us to ask if we are doing that – we’ll email back to say yes and ask if any of them would help with training
  • an email will be sent to students explaining how it will work (reimbursement, etc)
  • we’ll have to take attendance at training sessions if people will be reimbursed for attending them


Email about opportunity for Korean students

  • Don’t forward for now, as it is not applicable to a large group of our student body


Networking Night



  • Felix will be meeting with Mazana tomorrow (and will check official job title)
  • Panel plan is to have some questions from the moderator, some from the attendees



  • a few comments on logo formatting – updated copy to be sent out tonight
  • should be aware of white space around logos, etc
  • prices will be $10 for ECE students, $15 for others (and should be different colours)
  • faculty tickets? – ask if it has been done in the past, don’t print yet
  • undergrad tickets different? – no
  • plan to be printed tomorrow if possible
  • Tanzil will plan to be at the first day of ticket selling, later times might be just volunteers



  • only one poster, with only Platinum and Gold Sponsor logos
  • look at similar event posters (like Think! Engineering) for examples of layout
  • don’t include list of company names, as it is changing
  • include ECEGSA logo as well
  • finish design as soon as possible, hopefully will be ready Monday



  • Currently have about 15 industry attendees (6 companies) plus 12 other non-student attendees
  • won’t put up the list of companies for now, but can tell people the names of companies if they ask
  • need to push to get more companies: ideas include approaching faculty members, following up on existing leads, calling on the phone



  • panel topic should be added, names of panelists not
  • list of companies will be added eventually, but not yet



  • lobby reader board will say: ECEGSA Networking Night
  • room setup – we like the seating they suggested


PowerPoint Format

  • animations are allowed as long as they have no sound and don’t take up more than the allotted time
  • pptx (2007 or later) format, but only tell them if they ask


Signature Wall

  • they may do the design if we provide the logos
  • should look into what needs to be done for this so it is all ready to go when we want to print



  • Cyrus will help out Shreya and Felix
  • the three volunteers that can help day-of will be assigned later
  • team leads should contact their volunteers to let them know what the plan is



  • email to go out to students announcing event will go out when tickets are printed and selling times are chosen
  • email NSERC to invite them and find out about promotional materials