Minutes February 20, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – February 20, 2015

Location: Kaiser 5505

Time: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Tanzil, Shreya, Michelle, Arvind (came late), Felix (came late)

Regrets: None


Sun Run

– emailed all but undergrads – Michelle to do Monday next week

– already have 7 people registered

– Tanzil will look into how registration will work and then contact Adrian about how to register the team



– opportunity for Korean Canadian students

– ask them about networking night as well

– can we confirm it’s legitimate since it’s not in English?

– looks ok, go ahead and forward

– Ahmed will email the sender back, Michelle will forward on Monday


Persian New Year

– talk to Sima about volunteering to organize if she can’t, maybe email out for other volunteers

– waiting on response for venue


Chinese New Year

– still working on paperwork for GSS funding


Bengali New Year

– April 14 tentatively

– in Kaiser 2020 probably


Other events

– Volunteer appreciation event

– farewell event (?)

– maybe academic talk in April

– maybe games night and/or games night still

– pizza meetings for advertising to new executives (elections will open April 1)

– handover meetings


Previous meeting minutes: postpone approval until next meeting


Networking Night


Website Content

  • have had many people ask for company list before buying, some people are buying event without knowing
  • want to be transparent and not look like we are keeping it private
  • Michelle to add company list to website
  • include company logos and/or links to their websites? – no
  • in advertising, emphasize social event and inter-student networking aspect as well
  • we will not be collecting resumes, but won’t stop people if they want to – can tell people if they ask but won’t post on event page, instead encourage business cards, include networking skills link (Michelle to share with team before posting)
  • info to include on name tags (discipline, degree program, lab name?) – nothing just “Student”
  • dress code is business attire – to be put on website
  • workshop for networking – not sure if we have time, maybe do if we can
  • include panelist bios? – yes, short ones
  • include panelist photos? – maybe add later if Ahmed can get them, but not a priority
  • just panelists bios now, moderator later if we get it
  • put ticket sales times online too



– need to choose from menu

– need to spend at least $6000 on food and beverages based on hotel package

– not sure on upper bound – aim for $8000 for now, including beverages

– aim for 150 people

– pick some appetizers plus one or two stations

– beverages: one drink ticket per person? – about 8.50 to 12 for drinks

– could we do cheaper drink package? – yes, do this if possible




– 5000 nserc

– 3000 platinum

– 1000 motion metrics

– 500 fortinet

– 250 Brock

– 250 bc hydro

– 250 NZ technologies

– 140 teradigi

– 70 Aspect Biosystems

– 35 Mitacs

– 150 student tickets (so far)

– 1000 money from department already

– do we include the $1000 already from them in their sponsorship?- don’t want to ask for money if we don’t need it – wait and see what food costs, then decide


– parking: 8 spots, ~$20 each

– parking for panelists? – no decision made

– $1000 for printing and logo wall

– $1000 for av and other stuff

– extra money can go to volunteer appreciation event


Signature wall

– do the $450 for vinyl printing

– logos need to be compiled – need BD Hydro, Brock – Michelle to do

– Felix to ask about prototyping

– hotel might be able to stick on a screen to mount it, Felix to contact them (and ask about price)



– updates to come

– try to get them asap

– hand posters to lots of volunteers to each put up a few


Slide show

– Arvind will take care of



– Arvind to contact hotel AV people separately from Felix (who is contacting about logo wall)



– reminding about the event,  payment and materials, getting names and titles  – Michelle to take care of

– Shreya to make name tag designs

– lanyards – Michelle to look into

– have some empty ones for people that buy tickets late

– 2 different coloured lanyards – students and non students

– tickets for faculty – not sure

– still trying to get more, focus on attending, not sponsorship, cutoff will be end of next week

– Scotiabank – Ahmed to contact