Minutes February 26, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – February 26, 2015

Location: Kaiser 3046

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Shreya, Michelle, Arvind, Felix (came late)

Regrets: Tanzil

– Quoted for $1696 from the Hotel place.
– Biggest cost is the projector and screen package.
– Going to try again from the store room.
– Dropping tripod screen, wireless microphone, one table microphone, hopefully service charges will also decrease
– Ahmed to call hotel guy  tomorrow about these changes and other questions: what is audio mixer? why is labour not by hour?

Signature Wall
– need a volunteer Wednesday to help set up

– email APSC, BC Hydro about payments – Michelle to do
– 11825 expected revenue from companies, 11260 not including unconfirmed sponsors
– 8000 for food now, might be bumped up to 10000 if more people
– signature wall – 500 for printing, about 50 for frame to hang it – assume 600 altogether
– printing – 12 (tickets), 50 (posters), 250 (name tags) – plan for 300 total
– parking: 9×20 = 180 (companies) + 4 x 20 = 80 (panelists) – plan 300 altogether
– Door prizes: tablet, kindle and ipod shuffle – plan for 500 total
– panelist gifts: chocolates (include in door prize budget)
– 500 (prizes), 300 (parking), 300 (printing), 600 (signature wall), 10000 (food), 800 (AV) – up to a possible 1000 is needed

– total is 12500, any excess can go to volunteer appreciation dinner, if we are short we can save a little here and there in each category

Tentative Schedule:
– 5:45 pm doors open, actually start at 5:30 pm
– 6:15 pm to 6:20 pm welcoming remarks
– 6:20 pm to 6:55 pm panel discussion
– 6:55 pm to 7:00 pm panel wrap up
– 7:00 pm to 8:55 pm networking
– 8:55 pm to 9:00 pm closing remarks

Inviting faculty
– waiting to confirm with department on faculty
– Ahmed to forward to email to Andre to send to profs

– Felix to check with Mazana if edited bio is ok

– can have sponsorship, but won’t get everything that is passed (tickets, posters, etc)
– try to push for Qualcomm, maybe Telus as well during meeting tomorrow

Parking tickets
– get vouchers to pay on the way out of the valet parking
– we may also need a parking place or two for us

– make a single master task file – Arvind to make, the rest of us to update with our own tasks, but don’t rely on it alone
– single budget file – Tanzil to make

Panel name cards

– Michelle to take care of

– waiting on slides: Brock, BC Hydro, ECE, APSC, NZ Technologies
– Michelle to upload slides we have (Fortinet) to Google
– include our logo, NSERC and volunteer thanks
– runs before (optional) and after panel
– during panel just a backdrop photo
– use as material to talk about the companies as intro
– make 2 shows: one pre and one post panel
– need one volunteer for this
– other companies not included
– use Ahmed’s laptop (Arvind to get dongle), Michelle’s as a backup

Stop Motion Video
– too much work, too late, not work the time
– could make a different video quickly if you want to and have time

– share lots, maybe all at the same time
– share with everything related to UBC and/or ECE

Other publicity
– Michelle to add encouraging notes to emails
– Michelle to add links to website
Event details
– be at the venue early (and/or Wednesday)
– latest 4:30 if doing AV-related setup, 5:00 otherwise