Minutes March 2, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – March 2, 2015

Location: MCLD 418

Time: 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Shreya, Michelle, Tanzil, Felix (came late)

Regrets: Arvind



– is sponsoring us, add $1000 to the budget


Panel Questions

  • reformatted
  • Ahmed to send out tonight to panelists and moderator for review
  • layout: moderator at podium, others at a table
  • panelists will start in audience and be invited up when the panel starts
  • Ahmed will introduce panelists and moderator, but not full bio
  • if a backup moderator is needed, we can maybe have Ahmed or another prof do it
  • Ahmed will send a reminder to panelists


Going through master task file

– Michelle to contact companies – will write draft and add a “reminder” column to spreadsheet

– food quantity – up it to $9000, about 175 people (with a few drinks removed) – Shreya to do

– confirming photographer – Michelle to ask labmates, otherwise Arvind to confirm with Olivia

– Ahmed to remind about photos stuff (?)

– most of name tags are ready

– content for name tags: put department for students? no, just name

– faculty name tags to have “ECE” as company and their faculty position

– don’t keep extra stuff (like Dr., P.Eng.) on name tags

– make extra blank name tags as well

– name tags to be ready Tuesday evening, extras to be done Wed night or Thurs morning

– bring printed list of participants to check them off – Tanzil to do

– lanyards go for more expensive option: 70 and 100, 170 tags, blue and red, get ticket number if sending to store room – Michelle to take care of

– laptops: Michelle’s, Shreya will be backup (Arvind may also confirm)

– Tanzil to get pens and stuff for registration and name tags

– name tags to be stuffed ahead of time, sorted alphabetically (to do Wednesday)

– industry and student registration signs, sign about photos – Michelle to do

– no need for panel placards

– door prizes – should be purchased by Wednesday, iPad mini, ereader, camera ($500)

– be at the venue Thursday by 4:30 latest

– volunteers for day-of: 3 can all do registration, can also help otherwise – Michelle to email

– door prizes: use physical tickets, put in name tags, we’ll submit as they come in

– put drink tickets with name tags if possible

– someone (probably Michelle and Shreya) to sit at booth after panel starts

– can push start time back if people are late – wait and see how things go

– food starts at 7pm

– 8:45 prep for closing remarks

– parking tickets are given at registration table

– panelists get parking tickets too

– door prize bowl – Michelle to find something

– Michelle to get chocolates and cards (100)

– Shreya to check flowers – 50 is ok, if not, Michelle will order/buy

– volunteer dinner (~$500)

– volunteer meeting: 4:30 pm to 5 pm tomorrow, get as many people as possible