Minutes April 13, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – April 13, 2015

Location: MCLD 418

Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Attendance: Tanzil, Michelle, Ahmed, Arvind, Shreya, Felix (came late)

Regrets: None


Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved


Bengali New Year

– reduce the price for non-ECE and/or sell tickets at the door?

– if we have too many people show up, we won’t have enough food

– send out email tomorrow saying we have limited number of tickets at the door

– prices will change to $5 (ECE) and $7 (non-ECE) (no non-ECE tickets have been sold yet and $10 is a lot for a vegetarian meal)

– hope to get a few more people coming

– add naan bread, more fish and veggie

– everything else is prepared

– presentation, then food, then musical chairs, then prizes, then done

– will also have saris to try on

– rest of executive show up shortly before 6pm to help, will also help clean up


Gas reimbursement for Pedram

– approx $10 for 38 km round trip (other calculations were wrong) Tanzil will reimburse


Quiz night

– will be April 24

– room needs to be booked, email draft sent

– other details to come later

– free

– food and games

– probably don’t need volunteers


Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

– next Wednesday, 6:30 pm

– created list of volunteers (only those that emailed us) – about 21 people

– don’t include sports captains

– don’t include workshop volunteers, since they got gift cards

– food will be sushi and other Japanese stuff (ordered in)

– Michelle to order

– Ahmed to book room, MCLD 418


Sports Team parties?

– want to keep it fair for everybody

– say no to the volleyball team, Felix to forward to ECEGSA, Ahmed to reply



– seems to be reasonable interest

– do a longish voting period on that day instead of two voting days

– Ahmed to send email Thursday


Store room

– needs to be cleaned – next Saturday, April 25, 3pm

– stocking – discuss at next meeting


Apsc payment

– Ahmed to forward to Darla



– attached to couch, can’t get done at tailor

– michelle top check upholstery shop


Persian new year

– no money yet



– about 25 to 40 dollars for collage frames

– double check size of photos will fit

– one frame per year: 4 to 5

– check with Tanzil on price first

– try to get Tanzil to order online so it’s fast

– Felix will also print photos, Shreya to help


Feedback meeting

– feedback comments are on google