Minutes April 7, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – April 7, 2015

Location: Kaiser 3028

Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Tanzil, Michelle, Arvind, Felix (came late)

Regrets: Shreya


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Bengali New Year

– food can be delivered from Surrey

– will order lots of food options, should fit well within budget

– payment needs to be in cash, Tanzil will pay and be reimbursed

– other non-food items will be ordered/purchased by Tanzil tomorrow

– we will need to help with cleanup, arranging chairs after the event, etc

– email about ticket sales happening on Thursday and Friday – Michelle to email Thursday, include reminder about lunch event on Friday

– 12 tickets sold so far

– not sure if we’ll have a sari, Tanzil is looking into it

– program: brief slideshow, face painting, serve food, musical chairs, evaluate face painting

– Tanzil will arrange music and look into audio equipment, microphones, etc


Quiz Night

– move date to April 17 or 24, Arvind to check which is better

– if April 17, will confirm by Thursday

– room booking and email are priority, everything else can be done shortly before

– still undecided on food (mexican, deli or sushi)

– send any suggestions about the event to Arvind

– include registration form in the email



– Uncle Fatih’s pizza, $200, Tanzil to order tomorrow, 4 veggie, 1 chicken, 1 beef (no pork), use pop we already have

– Michelle will take notes at the lunch


Sun Run

– April 19

– 17 people signed up

– Michelle to check with Adrian if anything is needed (t shirt pickup, etc), and get a list of people that have been training/participating

– reimburse students in the 2 weeks after the run



– reminder email maybe go out later, but not yet

– email to go out April 16 to announce candidates, Michelle to prepare draft ahead of time


NSERC Reporting

– Ahmed has prepared documents, Michelle to review, then we will submit

– also submitting anything with their logo on it

– Michelle is still working on putting up photos


Hanging Pictures in Lounge

– Arvind would also like to make certificates for the Ping Pong winners – print at the same time, Arvind will take care of this

– someone look into cost of picture frames: 10 frames (ish), Felix will look into it

– frames should be approx A1 size, not too heavy, not too expensive


Lounge Furniture

– we have new ping pong bats

– fusball table? – not enough space

– need a new folding table: Ahmed to look into

– cushions for the couch: Michelle to look into

– mini air hockey?

– Xbox? – too valuable

– toaster oven?

– other coffee making stuff (urn, kettler, etc)?

– continue this next week