Minutes April 20, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – April 20, 2015

Location: MCLD 418

Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Attendance: Shreya, Ahmed, Tanzil, Michelle, Felix (came late)

Regrets: None



– should Arvind still be able to run the quiz night? – no, that could be seen as campaigning

– others don’t feel comfortable taking over the quiz night instead

– decision made to cancel the quiz night

– an email about eligibility for ECEGSA Executive positions for students not registered over the summer term was not yet responded to – need to address this

– do students need to be registered currently to be nominated for the elections? – yes

– send general email to remind all nominees that they have to be registered?

– also email the student who asked back (even though the nomination deadline is passed)?

– is it our responsibility to make sure the nominations are valid? – yes we can check if they are registered now, but we don’t know if they intend to remain registered (summer or otherwise)

– constitution implies you need to stay registered as a student, though it isn’t explicit – should clarify this in any updates to the constitution

– ask for advice from others on how to respond to this question? (e.g., GSS, AMS Ombuds, ECE department)

– this is a common issue for MEng students who aren’t always registered in the summer – should be more explicit in the constitution to avoid future issues

– easier to speak with person who emailed in person about it since it is a complicated issue – respond to apologize for the late response and offer to discuss in person or by phone


Quiz Night

– cancelled


Meet the Candidates Event

– not doing, since the candidates weren’t informed ahead of time


Volunteer Appreciation

– 4 people have resp’d so far

– send a reminder tonight – respond by tomorrow at 5pm (Michelle to do)


Store Clean-up

– Saturday 3pm, Tanzil to confirm if that time works

– can move time if needed


Picture Printing and Frames

– Felix to do this week

– get as many as needed to fit all the pictures

– Tanzil to order via amazon

– can increase the budget a little, to around 200 to 300


Payments pending

– APSC payment received

– GSS payment not cashed yet

– reimbursement for Pedram with Google Map instead of odometer readings?

– technically not correct documentation

– just don’t worry about it? ask department?

– could sign if he gets a Google Map printout

– he said if it’s a big deal then don’t worry about it – we will leave it then



– Michelle to check in with who we could get to help us (maybe GSS)

– during elections what activities should be allowed to be held?

– current executives running for new positions could appear to be campaigning which should be avoided through a better definition of allowed activities during election times

– replacing executives

– by-elections vs. appointment – define clearly when each is appropriate

– election duration can be an obstacle

– what does absent from campus mean?

– unable to perform duties (even if still physically on campus)?

– not registered as a student?

– access to the buildings is difficult if not registered as a student

– UofA ECEGSA constitution is very long and looks good – might be a good example to follow?

– may also be resources from the GSS or others



– after the social if possible

– otherwise try to do some other time?

– do one on one meetings if necessary afterwards

– should have some materials prepared

– discuss more next meeting



– 800 each to be fixed

– Michelle to try to get a few more quotes


Afternoon Social

– order pizza for the last one (when the election results are announced)?


Sun Run

– Michelle to follow up with Adrian