Minutes April 27, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – April 27, 2015

Location: MCLD 413

Time: 6:00pm – 7:00 pm

Attendance: Ahmed, Tanzil, Michelle, Shreya

Regrets: Arvind, Felix


Previous meeting minutes: All approved, approve this meeting’s minutes by email


Picture printing

– need a mix of horizontal and vertical

– hopefully have them printed by tomorrow and have them in place Thursday

– need a hammer and nails

– Michelle to add some from the website and others, everyone else also welcome to add photos

– try to get at least one picture from each event


Sun Run

– Tanzil is taking care of reimbursements

– we will reimburse first, then department will give us a cheque for the amount we reimbursed for

– Tanzil will email people, reimburse during elections



– 11am to 2pm Thursday

– need 3 people to count – Ahmed, Tanzil and Shreya will take care of it at 2 pm

– announce results at 4 pm

– Ahmed to prepare ballots, Shreya can print (about 60 copies of the ballot)

– emailed about list of registered students from department, if we get it good, otherwise no worries, just record everyone’s student ID

– tell students they need to bring their student id in a reminder email

– reminder email: Wednesday

– need a ballot box to be prepared and a blinder – Ahmed to take care of

– Michelle to put the details on the website and facebook


Handover Meeting

– ideally Thursday after the social, at 5pm

– Shreya to book a room

– give them the constitution notes we made

– could do a brief meeting, then one-to-one correspondence later

– make sure everything in the Google folder is ok to hand over

– last time they did a quick presentation

– Important items:

– finances, bank details, audit meeting, etc

– AGM, constitution

– afternoon socials, show/tell them what to do

– run through events, maybe with photos, maybe not

– workshops, social events, hikes, sports (deadlines)

– create google document for tips to give to them, Michelle to start

– should go until about 6pm ish


Pending Items

– waiting on GSS Persian New Year payment – if they want payment they’ll ask

– order food for afternoon social? – order pizza from Uncle Fatih’s, save treats for the following week, 16 pizzas, 10 veggies, 6 other, make iced tea – Tanzil will order

– refilling store room – no need for now

– new table – can order to have it delivered – Michelle to do

– couch cushions – leave for now

– cable – leave for now

– AGM minutes – Michelle to post

– Nepalese association fundraiser – forward email


Financial closure

– a few more cheques and reimbursements to be finished – working on it

– handover bank stuff on Thursday hopefully