Minutes May 1, 2015

Meeting Minutes

May 1st, 2015


Arvind V., Sujay, Yanan, Cyrus, Anup



Anup Aprem



  • Old Business
    • None
  • New Business


Old Business

  • None


New Business

    • Method of Communication:  (Arvind) New GMail Account/Google Drive to be created.  Creating a Whatsapp Group to instant communication.
    • Storage Access: (ALL) Send Name/Student ID to Arvind for access.


  • ECE GSA Page, Facebook Group: (Arvind) Arvind to sent out invites to ECE GSA page and Facebook group


    • ECE GSA Mail Account: Yannan, along with Arvind, volunteered to maintain the ECE GSA ECE mail account in the absence of the secretary.
    • Meeting Schedule: (Arvind) The current meeting schedule is decided to take place on Monday every week from 6.00pm.  Arvind to book a room and request access for at least 2 people.


  • Thursday Afternoon Social: (Arvind) Arvind to set a spreadsheet with responsibilities for afternoon social setup and cleanup.


    • Courtesy Call: (Arvind) Arvind to set up courtesy call meetings with Andre. Courtesy call with Darla tentatively at 2.00 pm on May 5.
    • Financial Policy: (Arvind, Sujay)  Transfer of account from bank.


  • Constitution: (ALL)  Everybody to read the constitution of ECE GSA.
  • Reimbursement Policy: (Arvind) Arvind to explain the reimbursement forms and procedures.


  • Secretary: Sent out call for nominations on Secretary on May 4.
  • ECE GSA website: In the absence of the secretary, Cyrus volunteered to maintain the ECE GSA website.
  • Storage Sign Out Form: Create a storage sign out form. Hossain and Mahidi has currently checked out the Volleyball Kit. Need to buy good quality ping-pong rackets.


Next Meeting

May 4, 2015


Next Meeting Agenda Items

  • Decide on agenda of the entire year.