Minutes March 30, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – March 30, 2015

Location: MCLD 418

Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Attendance: Shreya,Tanzil, Michelle, Ahmed, Arvind, Felix (came late)

Regrets: None


Previous Meeting Minutes: previous 2 meetings approved, others still being postponed


Follow up items

– no news from GSS on Persian new year payment or funding

– Networking Night thank you cards are done

– Michelle to email apsc about payment

– NN surveys have been sent out, good response rate, no need for reminder

– Ahmed to take care of NSERC reporting, team to review when ready

– event summaries – everyone do their own

– NN photos just put on our website (not Facebook), Michelle to add if possible

– send survey link to students that didn’t attend networking night? – not sure if it would be appropriate, maybe suggest to next executives to get a survey before next event, include this suggestion in the networking night summary



– next Wednesday, April 8 will be meet executives and feedback lunch

– Michelle to email announcing the event this week and Tuesday next week

– pizza: 10 pizzas, 5 veggie, 3 chicken, 2 others

– Tanzil will look into where to order pizza from (Felix will order if it’s from if Fresh Slice)

– Michelle to ask Marie if we’ve had many nominations yet

– Michelle to send out nominations email April 16

– plan for voting on April 30


Bengali new year

– April 14 – Tuesday, 6 to 8 pm

– Tanzil to send email to Michelle in next couple of days

– tickets to be sold starting afternoon social, Tanzil to include schedule in email

– food will have more fish than other stuff because it’s traditional, still should probably get some red meat though, but final decision is up to Tanzil

– can spend a bit more than planned because we have it in the budget (but not much more than $500 extra)

– 1 door prize, ereader for $90

– also 2 other prizes: blender or something around $30?, or could do hoodies instead?

– don’t want the prizes to be too different from the previous events, especially other cultural events

– can use sweaters as prizes, have 1 each of small, large and extra large

– can also use USB sticks

– Tanzil will look into other prizes and get them approved by us first

– Shreya to help with saris during the event, but they are expensive so hard to get, maybe can borrow some?

– need someone to take photos

– need someone to pick the food up at 5 pm, Ahmed can probably do, will get someone to help

– volunteers will be requested in the email


Un conference

– will probably spend about $500

– week after Bengali new year? Next week?

– need to come up with a topic

– could do jam, should we to rules or not?

– maybe to a games night

– final decision: quiz show, lots of different rounds (trivia, etc)

– Arvind can take care of, Felix can help too

– can also have prizes

– April 10 tentatively, send email this week, book room to make sure

– prizes for teams or individual? Something that’s small or shareable

– will have teams of about 4, sort randomly

– food: not pizza, maybe wraps or sandwiches or Mexican food or sushi

– online registration but no cost to attend


New constitution

– make changes to constitution?

– may take a lot of work

– at least have some comments for what we should change in the constitution for the next team

– could just be a way to help them

– maybe could contact GSS to get recommendations on how to change


Next meeting

– Tuesday April 7 at 6pm, Shreya to book room