Minutes March 16, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – March 16, 2015

Location: MCLD 418

Time: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Attendance: Shreya,Tanzil, Michelle, Arvind, Ahmed (came late), Felix (came late)

Regrets: none


Persian New Year

– shopping: plates (Pedram got already), spoons and forks, etc – Shreya will ask restaurant or get later

– Pedram will get other foods, just needs clarification from Shreya

– room is booked, just have to sign the form

– friend is doing a dance mix for music, ask him to do other (background) music too

– get someone to say something about traditions – ask Sima if she wants to say something

– door prizes: ereader, candies, t shirts, Tanzil will order ereader, get Pedram to get candies for gifts, Michelle to include in email

– ticket sales: Tuesday (12 to 1) and Wednesday (12:30 to 1:30), Michelle to email other grad student groups

– food from Cazba or other, will order Wednesday evening based on numbers, buffet is probably better

– structure: mingling first, dinner served at 7 or 7:30, then dancing afterwards, then door prizes

– other activities: egg painting? dance games or other music games? If we can great, if not that’s ok, Michelle can boil eggs if needed, ask Sima if she would be the judge

– still struggling to get more attendees, seems to be another event the same time

– ask about increasing food order on Thursday night, if so we will sell tickets at the social

– using the white 50/50 tickets as the event tickets

– Pedram may need help getting stuff, Felix can maybe help if needed, he can take a cab if absolutely necessary

– Michelle can help move stuff from the store room to the venue on Friday afternoon

– clean up should be covered by volunteers we have

– Shreya will update us, please reply to her


Previous Meeting Minutes: postpone again for now, since people haven’t had time to check them



– Chinese New Year finances reviewed

– Networking Night thank you cards: Felix will take them and address, Michelle will send, should be sent to whatever contact person we have

– NSERC reporting: delay for now

– have to check for APSC cheque again

– APSC Alumni Association wanted list of names of Networking Night attendees, deal with this request at the same time as the NSERC stuff

– NN photos: Arvind will upload to Google Drive or Dropbox