Minutes March 23, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – March 23, 2015

Location: MCLD 418

Time: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Attendance: Shreya,Tanzil, Michelle, Ahmed

Regrets: Arvind, Felix


Previous Meeting Minutes: postpone again


Networking Night Survey

– should still send out

– send to all grads or just attendees? – will be determined based on what the survey looks like

– should also send to companies

– Ahmed will make the survey and get feedback from team about it


Networking Night thank you cards

– in progress


Networking Night payments

– waiting on APSC, ICICS


Networking Night NSERC reporting

– Ahmed will look into this


Persian new year

– still looking into getting GSS payment and funding

– lost umbrella: Shreya will check it out, otherwise we will send email to grads

– volunteers will be reimbursed


Bengali new year

– April 16, Thursday or maybe A different day?

– Kaiser 2020/2030, 6pm to 9pm ish

– decorations: Tanzil can bring some from home

– can wear saris and take photos (Tanzil and Shreya will bring stuff)

– Bengali food will be ordered (Frazier and 41ave), don’t think they do delivery but Tanzil will check

– will need volunteers (at least 6)

– email to come out next week

– probably don’t have to cancel the social because it’s in the same building



– Arvind not here, we’ll talk later


Volunteers appreciation dinner

– any time after Bengali new year


Other events

– trivia night

– global sharing night (presentations, informal stuff)

– would be good if we didn’t need to ask people to prepare

– just a minute night (talk about topics for 60 seconds)

– date: week of April 20 (22, 23, 24)



– send out nomination email April 2 at the latest, April 16 campaigns begin

– April 30 would be the elections

– would be good to start nominations earlier

– Michelle to draft an email

– open meetings to people if they want to attend them

– have a question time as well – Michelle to pick one in the email

– aim to have email out before Thursday


Afternoon social

– not many people come

– donuts, cookies, muffins all from Tim Hortons this week

– Michelle to call

– Ahmed to pick up

– up to $100

– need to stock up store room: spend another $200 to $300



– could maybe fund Sun Run if we have the money

– could also use some of the excess cash for grad lounge stuff

– new table, couches (or cushions)

– fix up lounge

– could post photos, could put some in frames

– put money towards new lounge? Doesn’t really help us use the available money we have though

– could also put some of the old photos in frames (not just this year’s)


Store room

– needs to be cleaned

– do together or one at a time?

– plan to do it at the last week of the year (April)


Engineering Excellence Awards (April 9)

– Ahmed and one other person are invited

– Tanzil not interested, Michelle and Shreya willing but don’t mind either way

– check with other guys who aren’t here to see if they want to attend