Minutes March 9, 2015

ECEGSA Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2015

Location: MCLD 418

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Attendance: Michelle, Ahmed, Shreya, Arvind, Tanzil, Felix (came late)

Regrets: None


Previous meeting minutes: postpone approval to next meeting


NN Budget stuff

– Michelle to look into student that planned to pay at the door

– anyone that said they were going to pay at the door but didn’t show up – don’t charge them

– a few industry members and profs didn’t end up paying – don’t bother chasing them down

– those that asked for a reimbursement ahead of time can be reimbursed

– also reimburse volunteers that had payed (shouldn’t have had to)

– everyone should update the finances form

– still waiting on ICICS and ECE payments – in process

– Michelle to follow up on payment from APSC

– can use surplus budget for volunteer appreciation


Volunteer Appreciation

– separate NN and other or together?

– NN was more work than anything else

– want to make sure work distribution is proportional to work done

– should keep the events the same value roughly

– do NN appreciation event as soon as possible, don’t include them in the general appreciation event, which will be later

– tentatively Sunday night – Michelle to email volunteers, if most can’t come we’ll reschedule


Thank you cards

– volunteers get them too

– do 1 pm tomorrow in Grad Lounge – whoever can come

– Ahmed will mail them when they are ready


NSERC reporting

– need numbers: registration and attendance

– likely need final budget

– Ahmed will take care of sometime, maybe next week



– Extra lanyards: keep them

– Signature wall: put in store room


Persian New Year

– funding will be confirmed this week

– venue is decided but still to be officially confirmed

– will be next Friday (March 21)

– Sima is looking into cost from Casba, but it’s pretty expensive

– preliminary email to go out as soon as possible, details to be added later

– Shreya to send the email, Michelle to forward

– probably $5 or $10 for ECE / non-ECE

– expect a lot of non-ECE attendees

– budget is in pretty good shape

– will have music but no performance

– decorations will also be important according to Sima

– ticket sales this Thursday at the social, then Monday and Wednesday (?)

– hold with other departments: waiting to hear back from Sima, would be good with it if they are interested, may get more designated ECE tickets if we pay more

– make sure to take a look at decorations we already have

– ignore “All Events in the City” email

– reply to person who asked about it – Michelle to do



– workshop looking for volunteers

– send out an email asking for volunteers – Michelle to do


Academic talk

– buy lunch, something better than pizza

– try to get Motion Metrics? – talk about his experience

– try an “un-conference”? – unstructured discussion where “panelists” are experts are included in the audience, attendance could be primarily students, would be good to engage people and get them involved, Arvind to form a plan and we’ll see how it goes

– aim for a week after the Persian New Year

– would be nice to do something new


Other events?

– debate team

– presentations about countries?: free, big like Christmas

– or present about different provinces? or do them both together?

– could do bowling, kayaking, go karts, paintball, skating, curling

– next week come back with ideas for events