Minutes May 11, 2015

Meeting Minutes

May 11th, 2015


Arvind V., Yanan, Sujay, Anup



Anup Aprem



  • Old Business
    • See May 4 doc.
  • New Business

Old Business


New Business

    • Arvind not available for next 2 meetings.
    • Arvind to sign 2 checks.
    • Sujay: Pay 2014 Persian new year GSS ballroom rent.
    • Meeting with Andrea on June 4.


  • Arvind: Certificate for TT winners. (Already provided the gift card).
  • Sujay: Speak with Tanzil for Square account.


    • Previous GSA members suggested to use an event planner for networking night. Arvind to get inputs from previous GSA on whether this is required.
    • Volleyball kit again borrowed.


  • Arvind to check on GSS position. Talk to Michelle if required.


    • Decide on AGM. Sujay to target a budget proposal by end of month and we informally present this to Andera/Darla on June 4 meeting.
    • As seen from previous years there is less interest for workshops like Latex, Linux or Matlab. Several suggestions to replace the old workshop with new ones. Sujay suggested that we could have managerial workshops and cultural workshops. Painting workshops ?. Yannan suggested French workshops.


  • Sujay suggested excursion in and around Vancouver. Arvind was of the opinion that these would be hard to organize. In addition, formalities such as waiver need to be signed.
  • Sujay suggested foreign language movies every month.
  • Sujay to renew Costco membership.


  • Other suggestions: Salsa night, Music night, Hacking Workshops, Canada night, Games from around the world, Cook it yourself.
  • Summer Activities
    • BBQ (All)
    • Hiking (Yannan)
    • AGM (All)
    • Budget (Sujay: End of month)
    • Room booking (Arvind)

Next Meeting

May 18, 2015


Next Meeting Agenda Items



Did we miss out AGM ?