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Minutes 2011 11 01

Participants: All execs, Dana, Ron, Parisa, Caitlin, Toufiq, Nguyet, Mark. Agenda: – Volunteer preparation for Networking Night event. Everyone in the meeting got themselves introduced to others. Adam asked all the volunteers to check the volunteer schedule he sent via email. He said he will be the primary contact for all to bring up any […]

Minutes 2011 11 18

Participants: All execs. Agenda: – Networking Night follow-up – Poster update – Christmas party on Dec 5 – Afternoon social – Chinese New Year – Other December-February activities We discussed about the last event networking night. We agreed the event was done successfully. As the volunteers of this event are to be reimbursed their ticket […]

Minutes 2012 01 13

Participants: All execs. Agenda: – Chinese new year party – Volunteer thank you party – Persian new year party – Housekeeping items Adam said there is a temporary problem in website. Access is denied if we try to open any document. The problem will be resolved soon. Adam asked Sima about the current stock of […]

Minutes 2012 02 13

Participants: All execs. Agenda: – Persian new year party and other upcoming events – Election timeline finalize – Preapproval for coffee purchase We had a follow-up discussion of Chinese new year party and curling. We agreed that we got a good crowd in the former event, and people enjoyed the food served. The curling event […]

Minutes 2012 04 14

Participants: All execs. Agenda: – Debrief of Persian New Year party – Election setup (rules and voting details) – Bowling plan – BBQ? – ECE brand on stuff – Outgoing strategies for exec handover We had a follow-up discussion of Persian New Year party. We agreed that it was a very successful event. Adam asked […]

Minutes 2012 05 01

Participants: Adam, John, Rubaiya, Amy, Sima, Ali, Cara, Sabrina, Ghashem. Agenda: – Present summary of the organizational duties and financial policy to the new execs Adam welcomed the new execs. The outgoing and incoming execs introduced themselves to others. Adam discussed the financial policy to others. He said this policy was modified and restructured couple […]

Meeting May 2, 2012

ECEGSA Meeting May 2, 2012 Attendees: All execs Agenda: To plan our budget Minute: • Ali , Cara, and Ghasem notified their unavailability in the upcoming weeks o Ali away : May 6th to June 5th o Cara away : May 13th to June 16th o Ghasem away: Mid Sept. to end Oct. • Ali […]

4 th May, 2012

Attendees: All execs, Darla, Dr. Ivavnov Agenda: To propose the budget to Dept. Head Dept. Ivanov and get approval. • Dr. Ivanov asked to give ½ min introduction of each one of the new execs • Dr. Ivanov asked each one of the execs about their election platform and all the execs explained accordingly. • […]

Minutes 2012 05 15

Participants: Ali, Sabrina, Ghasem Agenda: – Filling up the vacant position of VP social services/ option for structural reformation of committee – Conducting the ECEGSA Student Survey – Organizing Financial Planning Workshop Minutes: Ali mentioned about the ways that were adopted to do changes in constitution by previous committee Sabrina proposed to dissolve the VP […]

Minutes 2012 06 08

Participants: Ali, Sabrina, Ghasem Agenda: – Update about the Financial Planning workshop – Update about the Student Survey – Planning for Annual General Meeting – Start of planning for Industry night – Planning for summer activities Minutes: Ghasem gave two tentative date for the Financial planning workshop, July 3/ July 10 Ali asked Ghasem to […]